Monday, August 13, 2007

Words of Support!

Our Superintedent was nice enough to send everyone an opening message and I thought that I'd share some of it here. I don't think that he would mind. Furthermore, it says a lot!

Effective teachers also understand the importance of a name. You realize that personal attention begins with a personal salutation. To you, students are not anonymous entities. You seek to affirm the student for his/her individual worth and by doing so, you let them know that they truly belong – that they are more than eight-to-three residents in some netherworld of
a small desk. To paraphrase Thomas Carlyle, “Great teachers show their greatness by the way they treat their students.” You are teachers that have come to realize that a pat on the back has enough force to propel a student toward excellence.

I thank you and congratulate you for the successful start and
for being an effective teacher leader sending the message that [our schools] are “CARING, COMMUNITY SCHOOLS PROVIDING EVERY CHILD EVERY CHANCE

Keep-on-Keeping-on throughout this year and beyond…

Thanks Dr. Baggett for the kind words of support!

This is exactly what our Renaissance process is all about. It is about recognizing every student for his/her individual worth and letting them know that they truly belong in our schools. It’s the pat on the back that Carlyle and you speak of and more…

Once again, thanks for the kind words of support and thanks for supporting the Renaissance process…I am going to post this at our Haleyville Renaissance Blog as well. What encouraging words…

Warm Regards,

William Bishop (Bill)

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