Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back to School

The school year is back in full swing and as usual this has been an eventful week. On Monday we had our institute day and I was fortuitous enough to be ask to develop a short video highlighting our High School’s Renaissance program. I used Microsoft Movie Maker along with some pictures from the Jostens’ National Renaissance Conference to complete the video. I received a lot of thoughtful comments from a number of the faculty and staff at my school regarding the video and that always makes one feel good.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to teach three short sessions about blogs and wikis for our first ever school wide technology fair. Various sessions took place at the fair that covered a wide range of subjects. We had the blog/wiki session that I conducted, a moodle session, a clicker session, a riverdeep session, a library media session and the list goes on. I heard a few complaints from teachers about not having enough time to work in their classrooms before the start of school, but most of the teachers were excited about being introduced to these 21st century technologies. Of course, my system is very blessed with thoughtful and caring teachers who want to implement technology to help the teaching and learning process. As such, many of the teachers are currently working diligently on learning and implementing some of the technologies from our technology fair.
Wednesday we worked in our classrooms and had meetings with our departments and today the students returned. As a result of the Renaissance process, our Principal decided to have a school wide assembly to honor our student body, teachers, and new students. I will blog about this when I have a chance at the new blog that I developed for our Renaissance program. The URL for the blog is

I created the blog at the beginning of the week to highlight some of the great things our school is doing to promote academic excellence. Currently, there is only one post there and it is about the Renaissance National Conference that we attended this summer. I hope to move forward and improve the blog as the year progresses.

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