Saturday, August 11, 2007

Correction about Durff

Mrs. Durff isn’t an English teacher per se. She was nice enough to drop back by the blog and leave another comment and correct my first assumption. Mrs. Durff is like many of the wonderful teachers out there she is busy wearing a variety of hats. In actuality, she is a library media specialist with emphasis on the word specialist due to all of the roles she has to fill within her local school setting.

Mrs. Durff referred to herself as a “gopher,” but based on her blog as well as other entities it was easy for me to ascertain that she was just being modest. She was also nice enough to leave the URL to her professional blog in her comment. It is She has great quote there by Mr. Lewis. "The next best thing to be wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are" CS Lewis. Based on her blog role she not only believes in this creed, but she lives by it.

The more than impressive video that I plugged from teachertube about student blogging into my last post is from a teacher in New Zealand according to Mrs. Durff. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken the time to research the video, but I love it nonetheless. It presents student blogging in a positive light. What a great video!

Warm regards,

William Bishop (Bill)

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Blogger Durff said...

You are too kind. I did a terrible video also on student blogging. It is my first attempt at a video ever...oh isn't really choppy so if you get that let it run through once and then rerun it (free everything but the certification credits). The URL is

12:13 AM  
Blogger WBishop said...

Thanks, I'm sure it's great. I'll have a look at it!

10:30 PM  

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