Thursday, August 23, 2007

Being busy is a blessing

I consider myself blessed, but busy. I am currently taking six hours of post graduate work for my Ph. D. at two different institutions. I am taking an intermediate quantitative stats course at UAB and a computer networking course at UA. I am the chairperson for my High School’s Jostens Renaissance program, one of the senior play directors, head of the English department, and I teach over 150 students Spanish on a daily basis.

I teach traditional classes, IVC classes, and web-based classes. I teach 128 students on campus, 16 IVC students, and 12 web-based students. My IVC students and web-based students are part of Alabama’s distance learning program ACCESS. Additionally, I am a husband, father, friend, leader, and avid user of technology. Plus football season is starting. Life is busy, but good!

So if I don't get around to blogging as much as usual you’ll have to forgive me. I’m too busy to blog. Nevertheless, I still plan on having my students using technology when appropriate. We will be blogging, updating our wiki, and using moodle when we can fit it in with our lessons. Also, I plan on having my students create some photo stories in Spanish to help them and future students learn and retain the language.

Nonetheless, if you need my help with anything let me know. I’m sure I can find some time to help somewhere. Being busy is a blessing…That’s my new motto!

Warm Regards,

William Bishop (Bill)

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