Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Scrapblog

I send my scrapblog in the previous post via Scrapblog's built in tools. If you haven't seen scrapblog it's a really great Web 2.0 tool. It's online and you can set your scrapblogs up as public or private. Also, you can import photos to scrapblog from Flickr, PhotoBucket, Webshots, or you can upload them from your PC directly to scrapblog. What a great Web 2.0 tool for the classroom.

The classroom2.0 scrapbook was my first attempt at using the software and it turned out fine with the exception of one little item. I put a video on the last page and embedded on top of the iPod picture, but it doesn't play in the previous post. Nevertheless, you can go and view the scrapblog with the embedded movie at my scrapblog. It works fine there but you may have to flip through manually or pause the scrapblog player on the last page to allow the video to load. Of course, you have to click play on the movie!

I am going to use the code and embed the scrapblog directly into this post to see if it makes a difference with the movie player. Keep your fingers crossed!

If the movie didn't load checkout the scrapblog at if you want to see it. It's the movie I uploaded to YouTube a couple of weeks back "Are we there yet?"


William Bishop (Bill)

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