Friday, May 18, 2007

Horizon Project: What will 2020 be like?

What will 2020 be like?

From Vickie’s Blog today, I found these videos from the horizon project that she found at Julie's Blog and I am adding them to my blog. Why don’t you add them to your blog so others can add them to their blogs.

What will 2020 be like? Remember the Internet started up in the early nineties and look where we are now. Part of Karl Fisch’s video comes to mind. Can you remember what life was like BG [Before Google]? Enjoy the videos!

Atif is from the ISD school in Bangladesh and this is his video…

Ginger is from the Shanghai School in China and this is her video…

Thanks Vickie and Julie for sharing these with us and thanks for the Horizon Project


William Bishop (Bill)

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