Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Plunge into technology!

Take the plunge into technology... Recently, I read an article in Alabama Education News entitled “Technology is Changing the World…DIVE IN” by Cameron McKinley. Although many of my fellow Alabamians may have read the article, I thought it was relevant enough to blog about. In the past I have discussed Google Earth, Google Tools, Flash Earth, and the need to cross the technological divide as educators, but McKinley’s article provides even more validity for my past and current proposals. Thomas Friedman, author of “The World is Flat,” mentions in many of his articles, our children need to be able to learn how to learn! Therefore, as educators we have a responsibility to do more than just teach content for the sake of teaching. As educators we have to find new exciting delivery systems and use them as a medium for delivering our content. Dipping our toes into technology isn’t enough anymore. Currently, we must be willing to dive into technology and model lifelong learning for our student’s sake. If you’re interested in or agree with the above proposal, Cameron McKinley suggests the following sites to help you take the plunge…


Language arts

Wikis, Podcasts, Photos

Use Google Earth.


Go digital with United Streaming digital content.


Problem solving

Internet safety

Explore! (click on your grade level)

Additionally, I have created links to help teachers in my Spanish blog and in a number of my previous posts on this site. I will list a few of these below. I hope some of the some or all of the above and below links will help you take the technological plunge... (All teachers) (K-6) (unique)

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