Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Risk Maps Available for Google Earth

Attention Google Earth Aficionados: Risk Maps Available

Today I was doing some research and playing with Google Earth when I came across some impressive maps at Maplecroft. Maybe you all were aware of these awesome maps, but I was not. Maplecroft has a number of risk analysis global maps tailored for Google Earth with detailed country information. The Maplecroft risk maps highlight key social, economic, environmental and political issues and their significance to business and society. Therefore, utilizing Google Earth, it is now possible to view Maplecroft risk data on an interactive globe. Moreover, the Google maps at Maplecroft are highly functional visual aids for a variety of K12 disciplines. Other posts about this topic can be found at the Google Earth Blog and at Digital Geography.

Google Earth risk maps by Maplecroft include: AIDS, hunger, education, avian flu, natural disasters, poverty, financial debt by country, and more.
How can the risk maps be used in the classroom? When teaching preventative measures, a Health teacher could use the AIDS map in Google Earth to highlight the disease on a global level. How cool is that for a K12 visual aid?

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