Monday, December 04, 2006

Tappedin Synchronous Communication!

Tappedin Synchronous Learning!
This afternoon I participated in synchronous learning provided by BJB2 at tappedin. You can check out her blog at I learned a lot and I thought I would share the learning with you asynchronously. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I’d like to thank BJB and the other presenters at tappedin for providing the session and these links. Gracias…

Integrating art, literature, and some history…

Cool Flash Art and Literature:

Authentic Motivation:

BJB2’S Blog:

Art, Light, and Poetry:

Civil War Poem:

Civil War (Must Visit):

The Best! All disciplines more or less:

Teaching with art:




Earth Shots (Inspirational Pictures):

I know that this is asynchronous, but it's still cool!

William Bishop (Bill)

Image: 'Champ de Mars' by Jose Maria Cuellar as seen at EarthShots


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