Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Google Earth Education Community: A One-Stop-Shop for Educators

Google Earth Education Community: A One-Stop-Shop for Educators

I was in tappedin earlier and I stumbled upon a great Google Earth site for educators. David Herring has established a one-stop Google Earth shop (e.g. a Google Earth Education Community) for educators. His Google Earth Education Community not only helps newbies get started, it also provides a wealth of pre designed Google Earth and Google Map presentations for various disciplines. It is beyond cool. I particularly like the Lewis and Clark Expedition and William Shakespeare demos. Take the time to visit David’s GEEC site.

The community exists to offer a place where teachers and students can share and find information about educational topics that has been organized using Google Earth software. Placesets that have been created by Google Earth users that may be useful in an academic setting. Go to the site and follow the provided links. I'd like to thank Dave Herring for providing such a useful site.

I hope this helps my fellow Google Earth aficionados. Good Luck!

William Bishop (Bill)


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