Monday, September 24, 2007

Great Opportunity from Teacher Tube

Great Opportunity from Teacher Tube

Did I tell you that I am teaching traditional courses, IVC courses, web-based courses, working on my Ph. D. and the list goes on…With all of the irons that I have in the fire, it’s hard to find time to post anything meaningful or otherwise. Nevertheless, I promise when things like this pop up I’ll do my best to post them for my readers that haven’t given up on me yet or that have an RSS feed of this blog. Teacher tube is going to give some lucky teacher a state of the art classroom. Here is the information.

“We at TeacherTube wanted to make sure our community members were aware of a great opportunity to win an interactive classroom makeover worth over $15,000.00. That\'s right-- $15,000.00! Interwrite Learning and TeacherTube are partnering to bring this contest to classroom teachers. Check out all the details at

Your video submission could be
the big winner!

If you haven\'t been to in a while,
please come back and check out all the new videos and groups that have been

Warm Regards

William Bishop (Bill)

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