Wednesday, December 06, 2006

News Flash: Patrick has a blog!

Patrick has a blog!

No, I’m not talking about Sponge Bob’s starfish friend Patrick. I am talking about the tech guru of our time, Patrick Crispen. One of my first blogs highlighted the infamous net-squirrel and his website and his co-authored website the Internet Tourbus. You can read that post HERE. Of course, that post was written shortly before Patrick decided to give in to the peer pressure and create a blog of his own. Way to go buddy! With Patrick blogging the world will get turned upside down, inside out, and ultimately reformed. I particularly like the title of his blog, “Warning: squirrels”.

What I’m upset about is that no one informed me that he had established a blog. That’s the way it is with technology and blogging. You look away for a minute and you’re lost. Nevertheless, with Patrick blogging, I’m sure that even us blind squirrels will find some golden acorns in the form of technological tips. Thanks Patrick! To check out his blog Click Here.

Patrick Crispen is the Instructional Technology Coordinator at California State University in Long Beach and a graduate of the University of Alabama and some other University in Calafornia.

P.S. Patrick…thanks for the post about IE 7. I learned how to use the new menu before I found that file bar or your blog. Also, do you think IE 7 resembles one of the open source browsers floating around the NET? Hint: It's foxy.


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