Sunday, December 03, 2006

Creating a nexus of learning!

I found a great article by David James Clarke IV of toolwire entitled, “The nexus of learning: The intersection of formal and informal learning”. As a result, I began to ponder the relationship between emergent technologies and learning. As such, the following thoughts transpired. Is my thinking fundamentally sound, or fundamentally flawed? You decide!

Learning and the by products of learning are not conundrums. To the contrary, with current emergent technologies, creating a nexus of learning should be fundamentally unproblematic, yet as educators we often fail. Why? Fear! Many educators fear technology and change. Therefore, they refuse to implement emergent technologies into their classrooms. For example, many educators will make excuses rather than attempt implementation of new technologies out of fear. Aren’t educators aware that all individuals learn in different ways? Some learners are auditory, others are visual, and most of us are kinesthetic or experiential learners, yet educators often fail to reach or teach kinesthetic learners because they are afraid.

How can educators reach and teach kinesthetic learners? They can reach and teach kinesthetic learners experientially by learning and applying emergent technologies into their classrooms. Yet day after day, week after week, and year after year, many educators will remain in their safety zones and in turn fail to reach or teach their kinesthetic learners. Moreover, in the end, these educators will throw up their hands once again and blame the student for what is ultimately their failure. Isn’t it time to implement emergent technologies into our classrooms for the sake of all learners? After all, Confucius said, “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” Experiential learners can be reached through emergent technologies. Actually, it may be the only way to reach and teach these learners…

William Bishop (Bill)

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