Thursday, March 12, 2009

Career Tech Opportunities

As of January of this year I was transferred to the position of Interim Center of Technology Director/Career Tech Director while retaining the position of Assistant Principal in my school system. As such, I find that my time is even more limited than before. The transition has been wonderful and I am blessed to have the opportunity to work more closely with the great teachers at the center. They are all wonderful teachers and this has made the transition easier than expected. I am trying to help the teachers and the school move toward excellence and we are currently looking for ways to improve all of our programs.

As stated last year, I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but I am trying to figure out how to best to utilize it to help current leaders, future leaders, and technology enthusiasts move forward in the 21 century and beyond. A lot of my time currently is focused on workforce development, grant opportunities and how to best train highly skilled worker for today's workforce and the workforce of tomorrow. If you have any ideas shoot them my way. Thanks for dropping in and God bless.

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