Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Laptop Security and FortiManager Article

Dr. Margaret Rice at the University of Alabama brought this article to my attention. Well, I say my attention. She actually posted it for her technology class that I am enrolled in at the University of Alabama. Her class and my Intermediate statistics class at UAB, the web based and IVC courses I am teaching through ACCESS, and my regular teaching assignments have taken a great deal of my time this semester. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t take anything for any of them. I have learned a lot this semester about networking, quantitative statistics, and dealing with web based and IVC students. I am blessed, but busy. Maybe, I can find more time to blog next semester. I guess that I will just have to make the time. There goes my self diagnosis of ADHD again…Sorry...

The article that Dr. Rice pointed out to the class can be found at http://www.thejournal.com/articles/21572. The title of the article is Laptop Security: Covering the bases. From what I can tell the article address many of the issues that my system is facing and some issues that I hope we get to face in the near future. I’d love to get a grant for 3,000 student laptops for my system. Where do we sign up?

More specifically, my system may be interested in FortiManager. According to the article, “FortiManager is an integrated monitoring and management solution, the district receives active reporting from all laptops, regardless of whether they are on or off campus.” In the words of Solis, “We can follow up on exactly where certain laptops are pinging. [and] From there, we get more detailed sketches and actively circumvent any problems by, say, denying access to those IP addresses and/or Web sites." This all sounds pretty cool to me. Maybe someone who stumbles into my blog will benefit from the article. I know that my system is always looking for solutions like FortiManager. I will have to pass the article on to the IT staff at my school.

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William Bishop (Bill)

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