Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What’s in your toolbox?

I was at the powerful conversations/21st Century Learning Initiative yesterday and something someone said kept nagging at me. An individual from one of the presenting groups stated, “We thought our teachers needed tools to embrace 21st Century Learning.” It reminded me of the line from Batman where the Joker asks “Where does he get all of those wonderful tools?” The premise hinges on the philosophy that educators need a toolbox of Web 2.0 tools if they are to truly be successful at integrating technology into their classrooms. As such, I set out on a mission to find the best [free] tools for a School/Classroom2.0 toolbox. Here are my top eleven picks…Enjoy!

  1. OpenOffice (productivity/office)

  2. Mozilla Firefox (browser)

  3. Skype portable (Internet telephony)

  4. Audacity (sound editing)

  5. Microsoft Photo Story 3 (Create Photo Stories)

  6. VLC Media Player (plays audio/video)

  7. Wink (Tutorial and Presentation creation software)

  8. Moodle (Classroom Management Software)

  9. Gliffy (Online Diagram Creator)

  10. Tuxpaint (drawing program for children)

  11. VLC Media Player - plays video/audio.


William Bishop (Bill)

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