Thursday, May 10, 2007

Educational Technology, The Roles of School 2.0, and Systemic Technology Planning

One of the biggest problems integrating technology within the school setting is a lack of systemic technology planning. Often we integrate technology for the sake of integrating technology, but to adequately integrate technology within our schools and to move toward School 2.0 we must do better planning. For example, we need to understand why we are integrating technology, what types of technology need to be integrated, and how the process will improve student learning? School 2.0 may be the best path, but we need to understand why, what, and how.

I decided to add my video “Are we there yet?” to Google Video today and I found a video of Tim Manger (Director of the Office of Educational Technology) discussing School 2.0. The sound on the video isn’t very good and the graphics on the data screen are too small to read, but luckily I was able to get a web address. I found an excellent School 2.0 map there. The graphic can be downloaded in PDF format from the site. It’s an excellent map of how School 2.0 should function and the concept is clearly defined both on the site and with the graphical representation.

Moreover, the map defines process areas of School 2.0 and breaks it down into digestible chunks. I’m sure many of you have seen this map, but I thought it was worth sharing again. I plan to create some posters of the map and hang them around my school. Enjoy!

William Bishop (Bill)

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