Friday, April 27, 2007

On top of things!

The High School Principal, Elementary Principal, and I all went to the Jostens National Renaissance Conference this past summer in Minnesota and it was great. As a result of last year's conference the faculty and staff have been doing a lot to promote academic excellence in our school. At our last academic pep rally, the science department and some of our tech savvy students designed a game called "Are you smarter than a high school student", based on the popular TV show "Are you smarter than a fifth grader".

Our principal was to be the contestant of the game and told the students if he lost he would sit on top of our school all day. Unfortunately, at the last minute something came up and the Principal had to be out of town. Being the good sport that he is and wanting to help our student body succeed, he allowed the Assistant Principal to take his place as the contestant. Moreover, he said if the Assistant Principal lost that he would still sit on top of the school all day. Did the Assistant Principal throw the game? Anyway, the Principal is on top of things today! Check him out...

I'd like to thank Mr. Satcher and all of the individuals who have helped with the Renaissance Project this year! You're all the best!


William Bishop (Bill)

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