Friday, April 27, 2007

Heaven: How to get there

I’m not a publicist, but an ex colleague of mine, Emily Head, who taught English in the classroom next to mine for a number of years and a life long friend of my wife has published a book called “Heaven: How to get there.” She published it this past fall and had a book signing a couple of weeks ago at a local book store. My wife and I actually got a copy in December for Christmas. Although, my usual posts are about educational technology and leadership, I thought I’d write a post about her book.

Heaven: How to get there” is a short paperback book and the title says it all. Her book flows and is an easy read. It clarifies relevant Bible passages, answering such questions as 'why do we need salvation?’. I think it’s great when individuals are able to publish, specifically when they publish something as helpful and worthwhile as her book. Congratulations Emily on a job well done. I’m sure your book will help a number of people. I enjoyed your book immensely!

Vickie A. Davis would most likely find the book an interesting read as she has a great blog [in addition to her coolcatteacher blog] called the daily walk with Jesus.

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William Bishop (Bill)

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