Monday, April 30, 2007

Paradigm Shift, Connectivity, School 2.0

There is so much information and so little time. Generally, I give a couple of hours of sleep up in order to find time to read my favorite RSS feeds, search the Internet, and do research for the sake of learning. Most of my posts are actually in the wee hours of night or early hours of morning. Luckily, I make it quite well on five or six hours of sleep.

As I was scanning through some of my usual RSS feeds tonight, I came across a posting at about Stephen Downes presentation “Toward a New Knowledge Society.” The presentation is up for the World’s Best Presentation Contest and after watching it, I understand why. Stephen’s presentation highlights the true concept of connectivity and more. It moves the viewer Toward a New Knowledge Society and brings to light the possibilities of School 2.0 in a surreal way. Kind of reminds me of a Salvador Dali painting about School 2.0. Great presentation!

Aha, it’s a paradigm shift of sorts and we all know that shift happens!

Good luck with the contest.

William Bishop (Bill)

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