Friday, April 27, 2007

Web 2.0 and LeaderTalk

Using A Web 2.0 Credo to Help Frame Administrative Actions

Okay, so I overlooked Will Richardson’s post on the 25th, but I’m glad that Steven Downes didn’t. I was mucking about at Steven’s site and I came across the Web 2.0 credo post atWill's blog and it’s great. Actually, the credo belongs to Greg Farr, a principal from Texas. Here it is…

Quote: Our Campus Web 2.0 Credo

* Believing that all Web 2.0 educational endeavors are populist not elitist in nature, equal and full access to technology for learning will be a guaranteed right of all students on this campus. * Every student is entitled to an education that includes on-going opportunities for involvement with and participation in web-based learning communities. * Computer Literacy will be considered of equal value to all other forms of literacy. * Student self-expression, initiative, intuition, and exploration within the Web 2.0 environment are to be promoted with as few outside rules and as little authoritarian supervision as practical for an educational environment.(From Texas principal Greg Farr)

Will said…

I find that a pretty progressive take on how we might start leading with these technologies. The entire post is interesting in the way that Greg struggles with the best way to get all of his staff invested in the uses of Web 2.0 technologies. The only phrase that niggles at me is “computer literacy” as, obviously, it’s not so much about the computer as it is about the information the computer connects us to.

Well said! I just wish that I could get more administrators in my state to adopt the credo or a similar one. If you’re an educational leader or interested in being an educational leader, you should check out the post. BTW, Greg fixed the Computer Literacy bit. Enjoy!


William Bishop (Bill)

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