Friday, April 06, 2007

Shift Happens!

I posted this after school today and now I'm coming back in and adding some tags among other things. After watching this video [and please watch it if you haven't] you should understand the importance of technology. More specifically, you should see the reason we have to move away from our old instructional methods and toward School 2.0. In essence, Karl Fisch's Video says it all. I love it!

I first saw the video on youtube a few weeks back, but I didn't add it because my students aren't allowed to use youtube. As such, I waited and sure enough, it got added to teachertube. Thanks be to the divine. I love the video. I get chills every time I watch it. I hope you have the same reaction. Moreover, I hope the video sheds some light on why we have to move forward with technology at the K12 level. Forgive me if I already said that! This video is just so inspirational that I believe that ever educator, non-educator, well the entire world should watch it. Enough said!

What a powerful video. Thanks Karl!

William Bishop (Bill)

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