Friday, December 08, 2006

Technology Literacy: What teachers need to stay in the tech race.

Over the past 20 years technology has moved at such a rapid pace that it has left most teachers behind. Of course, the U.S. government’s answer to teaching and learning is NCLB, when it should have been NTCLB (i.e. No teacher or child left behind). For some reason or other, the government often forgets about teachers and the important role they play within society. However, recently the missing T of NCLB is starting to be recognized and various organizations are trying to help teachers with technology.

One organization that seems to be on the cutting edge of helping teachers help students through technology is the Alabama Best Practice Center and its 21st Century Leaning initiative. Another entity available for teachers is a Web-based learning environment created to transform teacher professional development called Tappedin. Both of the aforementioned provide a wealth of information and opportunities for teachers to become tech savvy and stay in the tech race.

What do teachers really need to know to be considered tech savvy and stay in the tech race? To stay in the tech race teachers need at least 20 technology skills, maybe more. What are the skills? I found the following article entitled, “20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have”, and I couldn’t agree more. If you’re an educator you should definitely take a look at the article. Not only does the article outline the 20 technology skills every educator should have, but it also provides numerous links for learning the skills. Enjoy!

William Bishop (Bill)


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