Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tux Paint: Free Educational Software

It seems like I've been gone forever. I noticed that my last post was on February 16. Sorry! I hope this cool tool makes up for my lack of attention to the blog over the past few weeks. What is it? It’s tux paint. Tux Paint is a great free drawing tool for students of all ages.

Tux Paint can be found at www.tuxpaint.org. It seems more than applicable for K-8 students, specifically art students. I downloaded the program and my seven year old is already creating masterpieces. She is giving up TV time to draw and create art. I have access to our TV now, but unfortunately I lost my laptop to my daughter and Tux Paint. She loves the software.

Last night, I actually sat down with Tux Paint and built the Milky Way Galaxy in less than ten minutes using the stamps and a few brush strokes. I have to admit that it was pretty cool. Check out the screen shot! What do you think? I was proud of my feeble attempts at art and science. The stamps make it easy, so make sure you download the additional stamps. FYI, it's a second download. I hope teachers will download and use this software with their classes as a teaching tool, specifically K-6 teachers.

William Bishop (Bill)

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