Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finding the Midpoint: 3 Types of Teachers

I was RSSing (not sure that’s a word yet) Crafty’s blog (AKA Chris Craft) and he had embedded a rather enlightening slide show from slideshare about three types of teachers, by Jessen Felix. Very interesting! Here is what Doug Belshaw said…

“I often find it difficult to explain the midway position I want to occupy when it comes to technology. Often people see me as wanting to use educational technology for its own sake. Not true! Thankfully, via Chris Craft, there’s a presentation which explains very well what I’m about”

I find that I am often bias when it comes to technology. I love it! Of course, I do my best to refrain from using technology just for the sake of using technology. The video presents a good middle ground position or a midpoint.

Like Doug said, we need to get teachers to a midway point. Teachers need to reach a midpoint where they can utilize old school teaching and new school teaching (21stCentury Teaching/Classroom 2.0/School 2.0) to promote learning.

Here is the slide show from slideshare. You be the judge!

William Bishop (Bill)

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